Italian + Theater Labs: a new way to learn

Learn Italian + Theater Labs

Besides standard courses Sunflower School also offers an innovative and effective learning tool for adults and children: Italian + Theater Labs. The application of drama techniques to language learning aids in the acquisition of correct pronunciation, rhythm, intonation and other prosodic features. It also offers learners the opportunity to be active participants, to use their imagination, and interact with each other—all while acquiring wonderful communication skills! Students additionally benefit emotionally from their involvement in a drama project, as it improves their sense of confidence, increases their motivation and spontaneity, lowering sensitivity of rejection and frustration.
Then what are you still waiting for? Come and try it!

Italian & Theatre
€100 to €300 / Lab
Flexible schedule (2 to 5 hrs / week)
From 2 weeks to 3 months
Only upper levels

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Learning a second language is tough—it not only requires time and effort, but the confidence to practice what you’ve learned in real-life situations.

But we’ve come up with a fun solution!  In addition to our language classes, we offer cultural classes in theater, wine, art, fashion, chocolate and even music—so you can get lost in your passion, allowing the Italian language practice to come naturally in an engaging environment.

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