Italian Language Courses

The many years of experience in Italian language teaching to adults and children, on a variety of courses, have brought me personal and professional learning, as well as the opportunity to work and train with people from all over the world.
It’s what I love to do and I can think of nothing more fulfilling. That’s why here’s you’ll find more than a teacher—you’ll find your new Italian friend!

My personal goal is to help you experience classic Italian culture through the language. I make lessons fun and interactive—without focusing on grammar and vocabulary only, but knowledge of contemporary Italian life and culture too, keeping the quality of my classes high and responding to the students’ needs.

Among the different teaching programs that I can offer my students, I thought a more specific one dedicated to families who would like to take a study holiday together and learn Italian with their kids in Florence. It will be like a ‘home away from home experience’ for everyone. I can offer courses for each of you, regardless of age. The flexible course options mean that you can choose to study as much or as little as you like and leave time for sightseeing as a family. In particular, your kids can choose to learn Italian with me or participate in a rich program of fun and stimulating social activities tailored to amuse even young children – from the age of 4 and above, thanks to my partnership with Spazio CO-STANZA.

The chart below summarizes the different types of Italian language courses I provide, and their prices. However, please contact me for your personalised quote, as I know that each student can have different requests.

Create a Group
€50 / hour
Create your own group class
Flexible schedule (1-20 hrs/week)
Always only €50/hr, even with 4 people
All language levels
Best value for groups of 2-4
Join a Group
€225 / week**
Join a group class
20 hours / week
9am-1pm Mon-Fri
All language levels
Maximum 6 students/group
One on One
€30 / hour
Private classes for 1 person
Curriculum tailored to your needs
Choose your hours (1-20 hrs/week)
Any language level
Quickest way to learn Italian!
Family Courses
Different formulas
Various course / lab options
From 1 week
Co-ordinated timetables
All language levels
Families with children

****If there should be only one participant for a certain course/level, the student will receive 1 hour and a half of One on One lesson per day for the same price. In the event that there are only 2 or 3 students for a particular level, the number of hours will be reduced by 1 hour per day as classes will be more intimate and learning will be maximized.

I can’t wait to meet you and start your Italian learning journey with you!