Sunflower & Emanuela: cooking and pastry-making

I perfectly agree that learning a second language is tough—it not only requires time and effort, but the confidence to practice what you’ve learned in real-life situations. That’s why, together with Emanuela,  we’ve come up with a fun solution: in addition to standard language lessons in fact we offer cultural classes combined with food and pastry-making. Emanuela’s passion for pastry-making started 10 years ago and she’s fond of cooking too since a long time. In the past she has run her own pastry shop, while now she totally dedicates to cooking and pastry-making classes in Florence and Pistoia, her home town.
Loving the simplicity of some doughs and the stories laying behind them, she often travels to Paris in the discovery of new recipes.
Our programs can vary according to your requests and…tastes, of course! Indicatively, we propose the following formulas:

1. One subject cooking class
A unique gathering around the dish that you’ll choose. We start from the ingredients, we learn how to discern and choose them, spending about four hours on a hands-on cooking class that ends in a delicious sit-down meal where we get to taste all of the dishes we made.
2. Full immersion course
A five-day full immersion in the kitchen, learning secrets and techniques of the Italian cooking and pastry-making tradition. The course is hands-on and results with the preparation of a full menu (four or five dishes) that we will enjoy together following our lesson while continuing to learn at the table.
3. Family cooking class
A cooking class for the kids and their parents! What could be nicer than a family around a table, after having cooked together some super tasty dishes?!
All recipes are conceived for children, and suitable to a daily and healthy diet for the entire family.

For any further detail, please contact us and we’ll find together your menu!

By the way, here you’ll find more information about Emanuela’s activity!