It’s time to get ready for Christmas!


Adriana: una ricamatrice appassionata di arti manuali che ha iniziato ad apprendere fin da quando era bambina. E proprio ricordando i suoi esordi, ora insegna anche ai più piccoli le tecniche del ricamo, del macramè, del decoupage, della tessitura, dell’uncinetto, della creazione di bambole, di bigiotteria e di splendide decorazioni natalizie.

Tanti laboratori divertenti (e utili!) per adulti e bambini, a partire dal mese di novembre. A Sunflower, ovviamente! ( – 055 274 1095)


Adriana: an amazing embroiderer passionate about manual arts that she started learning since she was a child. Recalling those times, now she teaches also children the techniques of embroidery, macrame, decoupage, weaving, crochet, the creation of dolls, jewelery and beautiful Christmas decorations.

Many fun (and useful!) labs for adults and children, starting these days. At Sunflower, of course! ( 055 274 1095)

12 thoughts on “It’s time to get ready for Christmas!

  1. Yvonne says:

    I have enjoyed this book. There are ptaretns for beginners as well as those more advanced. I have made the sunflower clock on the front cover 10 times. I purchased this copy because I misplaced my first one and had had 2 requests for the clock for Christmas. I’m almost done with the second since my seller got it to me so quickly. Like plastic canvas and looking for fun ptaretns, you can’t go wrong with this book. Want to start plastic canvas, this is a good book to start with because the ptaretns get more advanced as your skills grow.

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  3. says:

    This is a masterful work of art. I can barely believe it. How do you think up all those wonderful little touches to include? I think that's what's missing in my scrapping. For me, lots of times it really is about the little things, those touches make me happy.

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